New Year, New Goals – Vanity Edition

So first, I want to thank everyone who checks out my blog.  I appreciate all the viewer and subscribers.  I had a great time blogging and look forward to what this new year will bring.  Happy New Year!!

Goals for 2012
1. Spruce up my hair styles – Don’t be so reliant on buns.
2. Be faithful to this 6 rollersetting challenge (and the 2 heat passes).
3. Make my weekly weight training/cardio workouts a mainstay this year. – No more excuses!
4. Take more steps towards changing my eating habits. – First Step: More Water!
5. Take better care of my nails. – the nails on my right hand are tragic.
6. Maintain these new thick and luscious ends. – Detangle patiently.
7. Keep growing my hair. – Midback Length please!
8. Incorporate more recipes into my dinner time rotation. – too much chicken, rice & broccoli; not enough variety.

Achievements from 2011
1. My hair grew to BSL.
2. I lost lbs (and lowered my body fat %) with bursts of consistent exercise and healthy eating.
3. I cleared up my skin.  Little to no acne and less noticable acne scars.
4. I protective styled for the entire year(with a few exceptions).
5. I simplified my make up routine and added new colors to my nail collection.
6. I started this amazing blog and actually made it interesting enough to get subscribers! Yay!

Happy New Year Everyone!  
May it be a happy and prosperous one for you!!
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