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My Caruso Set

Steam rollers are my favorite heatless method of styling my hair when it’s already straight.  It’s quick, easy and gives me good results.  And since my hair was still straight from my recent silk wrap, I decided to restyle it with my Caruso Steam Rollers.  This is how it all went down…

I curled my hair tightly with my Caruso Steam Rollers.  I added end papers to each section and rolled it towards the back.  I left them in my hair while I continued getting ready (about 20 – 30 minutes):

Once I finished getting ready — clothes and makeup done, it was time to remove the rollers:

I hit each curl with some holding spray:
I did NOT comb the curls out.  Instead I ran my finger partially through my hair.  Starting at the roots, I pulled my fingers through until they got to where I wanted the curliness to begin, and then I removed my fingers:
All done:

By the end of the day the curls had fallen, but they were still kind of cute (about 12 hours later): 

After that, I wore a ponytail, which transitioned into a bun. 🙂
Products Used:
Caruso Steam Rollers
Sebastians Shaper Hair Spray
End Papers
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