Relaxer Update #3: Nov 2011

Straight Down
Ends pulled together

Last Relaxer: 11 weeks ago
Pre-relaxer: Summit Sensitive Scalp to scalp and already relaxed ends.
Relaxer: Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp System (No-Lye)
Post Relaxer: Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor, Mizani Phormula 7 Neutralizing Shampoo
Conditioning/Styling Regimen: GVP Conditioning Balm, GVP The Conditioner and Chi Silk Infusion.

If you remember my last relaxer update, I wasn’t happy, but this relaxer was much better.  My roots are straight but not bone straight (just the way I like it).  My hair is past BSL now, but I’m trimming the see-through ends at the end of the year, so I’ll only have this length for a few more weeks. Until then I’ll be wearing curly hair, buns and braidouts to conceal those ends.

Comparison pictures: Hair is above “LifeSigns” on the left and covering “LifeSigns” on the right.

June 2011

November 2011
Happy Hair Growing and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Your hair looks great! I don't see what you mean by it being see-through, it just comes to a point in my opinion.

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    Thanks, Aireen. They only bother me when I do these length checks. Otherwise, I could care less. I guess we'll see how I'm feeling when the end of the year rolls around.

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    By the way this is random, but why doesn't your blog require comments to be verified with that character box thing? I'm not complaining…actually it's a good thing because comments go through right away. Any idea??

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    Thanks a lot.

    I changed my settings so that it would just let people comment freely.

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    You have beautiful hair! If my final length check at the end of our RS challenge was anywhere close to this I'd be a happy camper! lol.

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    Aww, thanks! I'm sure your hair will be where you want it to be.

    Sidenote: I'm actually really excited for the challenge. 🙂 Thanks for hosting it!

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