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Pretty Girls Sweat

I’m starting Level 2 on my personal 30 day shred challenge.  Week One was a success.  Last Sunday I pre-planned all of my meals for the entire week and spent every night with the 30 day shred work out dvd.  Yesterday, I weighed in 5 pounds lighter, whoo-hoo!  I am amazed to say the least.  I was hoping for 8 pounds lost over the entire month (2 lb/week), but I’ll certainly take a 5 lb jump start.  I’m going to keep pushing through these workouts and I went grocery shopping for the week last night. Wish me luck on Level 2 because Level 1 was an ordeal!

I found my daily calorie intake using this.

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Girls Sweat

  1. So I got through week 2 (missed 2 workouts) and deviated from my meal plan by having a bowl of pasta from Olive Garden this weekend. I gained one pound but I have no regrets. I'm on to level 3! 🙂

  2. Week 3: Down 2 lbs (6 lbs overall), but I'm taking a two week break and I plan on restarting it again. Overall 30 (well 21) Day Shred was a success!

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