Healthy Hair Care

Long Thick Shiny Hair

I’ve gathered up some tips and tricks to maximize your hair’s potential.  
Want more shine, growth and volume? 

Boost Shine:

  • Foods high in Vitamin A and C (Green Vegetables like Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Broccoli, and Asparagus) – They promote healthy scalp, which produces naturally shiny hair.
  • Foods packed with Omega-3 fatty acids – Flaxseeds, Fish, Nuts, and Spinach – Diets lacking Omega-3 fatty acids result in dry dull hair.
  • Cold Water Final Rinse – A shot of cold water closes the cuticles on your hair shaft.  And closed cuticles will reflect the light better.

Boost Growth:

  • Scalp Massages – Stimulating your scalp like this promotes blood circulation and hair growth.
  • Essential Oils in Hot Oil Treatments – While you’re messaging your scalp, why not multitask and do a hot oil treatment?  It nourishes the scalp and promotes blood circulation.
  • Biotin and B-Complex Supplements – These supplements are known to promote strong healthy hair.

Boost Volume:

  • Less is More when it comes to Hair Products – Too much product weighs down your hair resulting in limp hair.
  • Hide your Flat Iron, Curling Iron and Blow Dryer – Excessive heat weakens the hair shaft leading to breakage and split ends.
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