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Carrot and Ginger Soup…yikes

With the weather cooling off and Fall kicking into full gear, I was in the mood for warm soothing soup.  I wanted to try something new and decided on this recipe for Carrot and Ginger Soup.  And while I’m typically able to judge the tastiness of a dish by checking out the recipe, I have to say that I’m humbled by this recent choice.  I was so sure this soup would be a hit that I started taking pictures of the steps along the way.  Even though I had never had a soup like this before, I imagined that it would be a delightful mix between Carrot Cake and Pumpkin pie.  Boy, was I wrong.  Typically when I make a mediocre dish, I’ll take one for the team (nobody likes to see food go to waste), but there was no way I was going to eat this one.  This soup was bland and salty at the same time (I’m not even sure how that could be, but it was). *shudders* Either way, I figured I’d share because even though it wasn’t a success, I had a good time making it.

Here are the “bland and salty” fruits of my labor:

No final results picture because I didn’t get that far. šŸ™

I’ll gladly take any tips or suggestions on how I could have made this better or even a different recipe that uses similar ingredients.  Despite this debacle, I’m still open to trying a pumpkin-like soup again.

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