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Hair Growth Chart

I found this chart on LHCF, it’s the most helpful hair length chart that I’ve seen. 
NL – Neck Length
SL – Shoulder Length
CBL – Collarbone Length
APL – Armpit Length
BSB – Below Shoulder Blade
MBL – Mid Back Length
WL – Waist Length
HBL – Hip Bone Length
TBL – Tail Bone Length
BL – Butt Length
MTL – Mid Thigh Length
KL – Knee Length
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5 thoughts on “Hair Growth Chart

  1. It is a great chart. I agree with it clarifying CBL/SL confusion. And also, it helped me figure out where exactly midback length is.

  2. I like this. I shall be tuning into this blog more often. I saved this picture as it helped quite a bit with redefining bra strap for me. That's my next goal, and i think i'm about 3 to 4 months away from a solid below shoulder blades length.

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