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Wardrobe Essentials.

There are 5 basics wardrobe essentials that EVERY lady should have in their closet:

  1. A Pant Suit – Jacket and Trousers to be worn together or separately.
  2. A Pencil Skirt (or A-line depending upon your figure).
  3. A White Button-Up Shirt.
  4. A Pair of Jeans.
  5. A Little Black Dress.
 And some other classic items include:
  • a cashmere sweater or cardigan,
  • a trench coat,
  • a trouser, and
  • white t-shirts.
These items are timeless and will be applicable regardless of what fashion trends are hot/not.  While I’ve got most of these essentials, I’d like to update my wardrobe this year.  First by building on theses essentials replacing what’s old and/or adding multiples of certain items where necessary.  However, before I get started I’ll have to inventory what items I already have in stock and figure out where my wardrobe is lacking.  I’m back from Charlotte and next week we’re going to get started packing things up for the big move.  That will be the perfect time to assess what’s in my closet and I’m looking forward to it.
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