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Moisture Moisture Moisture

(read like Jan Brady when she said, Marcia Marcia Marcia).  

I talk about protein so much because it does get the Jan Brady/middle child effect. Until I started my hair journey, I had never heard of or considered using protein so it’s like part of my message that I try to get out there when I talk about hair care.  But in reality the real STAR of the show really is Moisture.  It’s the one thing that is very easy to notice that you need and it’s honestly the most important thing whether you hair is natural, relaxed, color treated, WHATEVER.  Every healthy head of hair needs moisture in their life.  People use various methods to keep their hair moisturized and the method used is based on a person’s lifestyle/what makes their hair feel lucious.

Deep Conditioning: applying a deep conditioning conditioner to your towel dried hair strands and leaving it in for an extended period of time.

Conditioner Washing (aka Cowash):  Using an instant conditioner between your regular wash days to refresh your hair with moisture.  Wet your hair, apply conditioner, rinse and go.

Leave-in Conditioners: Applied after your hair is washed.

Moisturizer: Applied between washes on dry hair.

I’ve tried all these methods and I have to say, I’m not a big fan of cowashing.  I still do it at times, but I could do without it.  My distaste comes mainly from the instant conditioners that I’ve used.  But now that I’ve used up all my instant conditioners, I’ll just wet my hair with water and keep it moving.  And you already know that I’m a big fan of deep conditioning.  I do it once a week for 20 minutes plus with a plastic cap and towel wrapped on my head (I know, real sexy. lol).  I use a leave-in conditioner when I straighten my hair (flat iron or rollerset) and a moisturizer when I airdry my hair, but you really don’t need to use both I think one will suffice because they serve the same purpose.

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