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Protective Styling: Why I do it.

Protective Styling prevents breakage and improves your hair’s retention rate.  Some times you’ll feel like your hair isn’t growing or it’s taking forever!  But the reality is our hair is always growing; it’s the breakage and split ends that are getting the best of us.  Protective Styling is essentially hiding your hair (more specifically ends) from the elements, i.e. dry air, rough clothing, etc.  My protective style of choice is to bun.  It’s quick, simple and gets the job done.  Other methods of Protective Styling are with braids, twists, wigs and weaves.  The benefits of protective styling are what motivated me to challenge myself to hide my hair for 6 months.

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4 thoughts on “Protective Styling: Why I do it.

  1. How long do you think I should keep the protective style in? Do you think it might work if I keep it in during the week and on weekends when I have fun, I let it out? Thanks NY1

  2. Depending on what style you are using the length of time may vary. For example, a weave you'd want to leave in for more than a couple of days. But a bun could be done for just a few days. I think that if you protective style 5 days a week that's great. You'll definitely see some results in the long term. Take a picture now and check it again in a month or two. It'll give you the motivation to keep going! Good Luck!

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