First Impressions | NuNAAT Brazilian Patauá Oil Line

Product Review NuNaat Brazilian Pataua OilWith so many wash day posts from me lately it has been a minute since I’ve done an actual product review.  And when I was contacted about reviewing NuNAAT Beauty’s new hair products featuring Brazilian Patauá Oil (pronounced pa-ta-wah) line, I happily accepted.  I tested out their new line this past weekend so these are my first impressions of NuNAAT Brazilian Patauá Oil products. (more…)

I’m Sold on Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Sulfate-free ShampoosWhen I bought Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo it was on a whim, but when I realized it was a sulfate-free shampoo, I thought, “Great. I’ve always been curious about sulfate-free shampoos.”  I wasn’t quite sure of whether they were something that my hair needed, but I went for it anyway.  And the first few washes went well, but then all of a sudden something was off with my hair.  I ended up deducing that it was the sulfate-free shampoo that I was using.  It just wasn’t cleansing enough for my hair.  So once I finished it, I was through with sulfate-free shampoos…or so I thought.

As luck would have it, I purchased another sulfate-free shampoo by accident: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo.  Once I realized that it was sulfate-free, I was a little worried about it throwing my hair off again.  But it wasn’t until I got to the end of the bottle that I began to realize that my hair was doing great with this product.  I used this shampoo almost exclusively for over six months and did not have a single complaint about it.  This prompted me to do a little research on the benefits of using a sulfate-free shampoo. And now I realize this may have been another key component to my length retention over the past few relaxer stretches.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t let my opinion of one product spoil my outlook on sulfate-free shampoos in general, but you live and you learn.  If you’ve been on the fence about trying out a sulfate-free shampoo, here’s the tea on why I’m sold! (more…)

Wash Day | Indirect Heat & Soft Curls

wash day roller set fancyflairladyThis weekend was a blast from the past.  I went to my college reunion, which was so much fun.  I forgot how amazing my classmates were and years later they are even more so.  It was such a great time reconnecting with everyone.  And in preparation for the weekend of fun, I decided to go with a roller set because it gets my hair straight using only indirect heat plus it’s another great low manipulation style.  I wanted my hair to be fresh for the evening’s festivities, so I was rushing to get my hair done in the hours before the babysitter arrived.  But I surprised myself with how fast I set my hair.  It took me less than an hour to go from shampooing to having the rollers in my hair, which is probably the fastest roller set I’d ever done.   (more…)

Wash Day | Why I’m Loving Flexi Rod Sets

flexi rod set fancyflairlady.Last week I mentioned having a few low manipulation styles in your back pocket to get you through a long relaxer stretch.  And this one was an instant fave from the first time I tried it.  Flexi rods sets are quick, easy and a cute hair styling option.  Last weekend, I styled my hair with flexi rods after deep conditioning my ends with Chi Infra Treatment and co washing with As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner.  And it made me realize how much I love flexi rods sets.  Here are the reasons why I’ve been loving flexi rod sets: (more…)

Get Ready With Me | Relaxer Day (March 2016)

Relaxing my hair with a new relaxer for the first time.I know you’re giving me the side eye right now for having yet another relaxer day post for you guys.  I mean, what do I think this is…a RHOA reunion? lol.  But please don’t throw tomatoes at me, lol.  A lot happened with my last relaxer and it was way too much to consolidate into one video or post.  I figured in smaller segments you can read/watch the parts that are most interesting to you.  Now, if you were curious about how my relaxer day went from start to finish then this post is for you.   (more…)

5 Effective Tactics For Retaining Length On A Relaxer Stretch

After struggling with retaining length for over two years, I finally saw success thanks to all of your invaluable suggestions.  It really helped to get me in gear and focused on these last two relaxer stretches.  After cutting about three inches in October 2015, I was able to gain it all back (see: last length check). And now I plan to continue implementing what I learned, because it worked.  Even though I already did a thorough post and video on the subject of how to stretch your relaxer for 12 weeks or more, here are my top 5 most effective tactics to retaining length while on a relaxer stretch. (more…)

Hair Products for My Baby Girl

Hair Products for My Baby Girl

I must admit, I’m not as regimented and precise with my daughter’s hair care as I am with my own.  The few things that I have purchased for her in the past were just ok (or terrible).  And the rest of the stuff that I use in her hair are from my own hair stash, which isn’t necessarily geared towards natural hair care.  This week, I decided to purchase some new hair products just for her. I mean, yeah she’s only 18 months but she deserves to have her own hair stash, right? …it’s never too early for healthy hair care. 🙂   (more…)